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What's this?

This is a tool that can be used by anyone to share text and hyperlinks. You can use this to present information backed up with links. This site allows your text to contain hyperlinks at any point, without reducing readability. Just type the content you want to publish in the large text box. This can be a list of links, only text or a mixture of both. All you have to do then is remember your paste's address to access it at any time.

How to use?

You only need to paste the content that you want to publish with the following options:

- Title = Title for your paste. For an untitled paste leave blank.
- Textarea = Required. Paste your content here. You can paste text/links.
- Prevent search engines from indexing = Check this if you want to prevent the search engine from indexing your paste.
- I agree to the terms and conditions = Must be checked. You must agree to the terms of service.
- Custom URL = Set a custom URL for your paste here. Cannot be more than 10 characters and can only contain numbers and letters.
- Passcode = Can't be more than 6 characters.Giving a Passcode here allows you to make changes to this paste at a later date. If you do not give a Passcode now this paste can never be changed.

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